• Neue Version des Outdoor Assistant wird Angeboten

    Mir wurde heute bei dem Outdoor Assistant eine neue Version angeboten, hier die Release Notes:

    Medion GoPal Assistant Release Notes

    - Fixed installer for missing VS2010 C-runtime libraries

    - Fixed device backup to network shares
    - Change in WSDL interface
    - Fixed installation problem (VC 2010 runtimes)
    - Fixed last device update time not working on mass storage devices
    - Removed online error reporting
    - Changed meta headers for shop communications
    - Changed license file processing
    - Changed splashscreen
    - Improved old assistant library migration
    - Fixed synchronization display problem (99%, but completes) of firmware updates
    - Fixed some translation bugs
    - Added header X-Medion-Uuid
    - Improved offline help
    - Fixed deletion of packages on device
    - Import now supports categories
    - Added more device pictures
    - Bugfix for session timeout
    - Fixed GPX track search paths on some devices
    - Fixed display of S3857 on some revisions
    - Fixed handling of new style device.xml
    - Workaround for correct recognition of some specific models

    - Better habdling of copy errors during device backup
    - Don't display trashcan for device firmwares
    - Send last connected device and navigation software version to shop
    - Inversed arrow for notification area
    - Firmware packages can be deleted now

    - Dont show version number behind name in update dialog
    - Show latest map package in map display for a country
    - Optimized download of large packages. Download will start much faster now.

    - Refreshing update button on start screen should work better in corner cases
    - Don't use ActiveSync/WDMC if it isn't installed or initialized (device must be connected first) yet
    - Download status now displayed as x/y (completed/total) downloads
    - Improved error handling and reporting in case of web shop download failures
    - Changed login request (POST instead of GET)
    - Delete updated APD files on device in case of wrong filename
    - Start Assistant Autostarter if enabled and not running at startup of Assistant
    - Fix problem with backup dialog when open more than once
    - Offline pages for all languages
    - Localization updates
    - Removed message box when storage card is rebound
    - Only show map selector in GPS track category when exactly 1 track is selected
    - Better language switching in shop and help tabs
    - Switch to Live-URL's
    - Fixed concurrent download problem
    - Fixed problem when Assistant tray icon application is running during installation
    - Fixed possible problem with package updates
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